Progress Report.


Last week was spent spreading the word… I began by “suggesting” Stick Chickens to friends on Facebook and, since I wasn’t 100% confident people were actually seeing the page suggestions, I moved on to tirelessly writing messages to people (a few a day) so they at least know the page exists. It was also a nice way to get back in touch with people I haven’t corresponded with in a while! :)

Another update: Facebook has brand guidelines. Whoda thunk it. (I jest — I definitely had a “duh” moment when I found it.) Thankfully I stumbled upon this in search of some other information. My last post with the screenshot apparently violated those guidelines. The proper procedure for screenshot usage is to fill out a form, give them lots of information, and wait for their approval or denial. And it had to be a full unaltered screenshot. I didn’t feel like going through all of that so I just replaced the picture with a drawing. If I find something that tells me that’s a bad thing too, I’ll

Stick Chickens, meet Facebook.


Now that the first post is out of the way things are coming along smoothly and posting is not as intimidating.

 Stick Chickens are on Facebook!

The logo went through several different stages. I know consistency is very important for a brand. I am a perfectionist so I wouldn’t quit until I found something that would help tie together the website/blog, Facebook page and Etsy shop. It stiiiilll could use some work but after a long day and tweaking to the logo a thousand times I think I might allow myself a break.

Cue “Do-Re-Mi.”


Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

Lately, I’ve had a lot of people encouraging me to pursue my Stick Chickens. The real challenge was encouraging myself. And it took a long time. I’ve wanted to get an Etsy shop going for over a year now, but I always found some excuse for delay. No more excuses. So here it is, my Stick Chicken business. What a funny concept.How do you create a business from something as silly as Stick Chickens? Good question… One I’ve asked myself a million times. I don’t fully know the answer yet; however, I do know in order to gain the respect of others I must first respect my creation and take it seriously.

You will get to witness of the process from the