A Welcome to My New Marketing Consultant


I am very excited to have Krissy Boyd join Stick Chickens as my Marketing Consultant! She is the owner of Krissy Boyd Designs and has developed a solid portfolio and a loyal local client base for her new business. She is extremely enthusiastic about this project and I am honored and extremely grateful to have her help and support! Welcome aboard Krissy!

Stick Chickens Doing Good Deeds


For their 4th of July weekend delivery, 90 small cards were printed up for Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish’s Warm Meals Warm Hearts program. They delivered both a hot and cold meal to the homebound in Granby and South Hadley, bringing their total to 758 meals! (I’m hoping to be able to print cards soon in order to bring down the cost and make them more affordable, so it was a good practice run.)

The Shop is Open!


Finally the day has arrived! It’s a rainy day… a perfect one to spend indoors getting everything set up. Click the “Shop” link above to take you there now!

I am happy to do custom orders. Is there something you love in the Gallery but don’t see in the shop? Have a great idea for your own personal Stick Chickens? Send me a message with a description of what you would like to have made. Click “Request Custom Item” on the shop page if you have an Etsy account or contact me by email: caitlins@stickchickens.com.

Before you say “Oh my… that’s pricey…,” please remember each item is handmade.

It’s been a while…


Hello all,

I apologize for not updating in a while. I have been taking care of a lot of things that, frankly, aren’t very interesting to write about: buying a domain name, getting the site to show up in search engines, setting up email, calculating fees, creating price charts, shipping methods, shipping costs, setting up PayPal… I can see your eyes glazing over as I speak. Still, it’s business that needs to be taken care of, however tedious it may be. And although I am proud of them, I have a feeling you are not too interested in seeing the spreadsheets I’ve created.

All of that has been satisfying to complete, but mostly not visible to you. There are a couple of things I have been working on that you can see right away. The first is acquiring a domain name! While stickchickens.wordpress.com will still work, you don’t need it anymore. From now on stickchickens.com will bring you here. Also, the Gallery is finally set up. My next post will be for the 

Progress Report.


Last week was spent spreading the word… I began by “suggesting” Stick Chickens to friends on Facebook and, since I wasn’t 100% confident people were actually seeing the page suggestions, I moved on to tirelessly writing messages to people (a few a day) so they at least know the page exists. It was also a nice way to get back in touch with people I haven’t corresponded with in a while! :)

Another update: Facebook has brand guidelines. Whoda thunk it. (I jest — I definitely had a “duh” moment when I found it.) Thankfully I stumbled upon this in search of some other information. My last post with the screenshot apparently violated those guidelines. The proper procedure for screenshot usage is to fill out a form, give them lots of information, and wait for their approval or denial. And it had to be a full unaltered screenshot. I didn’t feel like going through all of that so I just replaced the picture with a drawing. If I find something that tells me that’s a bad thing too, I’ll