Mormor’s Opening Weekend

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In case you haven’t heard, Stick Chickens™ are now being sold at Mormor in Shelburne Falls! Shelburne Falls, Mass., for those of you unfamiliar with the area, is a little town on the Deerfield River and the Mohawk Trail in the foothills of the Berkshires. It is home to the Bridge of Flowers and the Glacial Pot Holes, known locally simply as “the potholes.” I was lucky enough to discover this shop on Wednesday (through Erin K. Cleary Illustration) and get my work in just in time for the opening on Saturday. It was a hectic couple of days, making sure I had everything in order, but it was all worth it and it’s very rewarding to see my Stick Chickens on display for the first time in a physical shop with an actual geographic location (as opposed to cyberspace). Unfortunately, the town suffered a lot of flood damage from Irene; however, the opening went well and was the same day as the annual Salmon Falls Street Fest, which hopefully helped give Mormor some additional exposure. Check it out if you can! The shop and the beauty of the surrounding area are worth every minute of the drive. Everyone who cannot get to Shelburne Falls, fear not! I will be updating the online shop this week with prints and new designs. • See more photos here.


2 thoughts on “Mormor’s Opening Weekend

    1. It is a lovely little shop! And cozy and inviting! So is the studio. I’ll have to come in sometime when you’re hard at work to see what it looks like in action.

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