The Shop is Open!


Finally the day has arrived! It’s a rainy day… a perfect one to spend indoors getting everything set up. Click the “Shop” link above to take you there now!

I am happy to do custom orders. Is there something you love in the Gallery but don’t see in the shop? Have a great idea for your own personal Stick Chickens? Send me a message with a description of what you would like to have made. Click “Request Custom Item” on the shop page if you have an Etsy account or contact me by email:

Before you say “Oh my… that’s pricey…,” please remember each item is handmade. You won’t find these at CVS. :)

On June 1, tornadoes devastated parts of Springfield and other towns in Western Mass. If you’ve seen the news or live nearby and have had to travel through it (or worse, have been directly affected by it), you know the damage is extensive. For a limited time, the profits from select items will go towards the tornado relief and rebuilding effort. It will be noted in the title and description of the item. Thank you in advance for your generosity supporting my community and new business.

If you would like to help in other ways, links are provided below:
Cathedral High School (my high school that sustained extensive damage)
Salvation Army of Massachusetts
Pioneer Valley Red Cross
Chicopee Savings Bank (for locals)
WWLP 22News

9/4/11 NOTE: Aerial photos of damage taken the following day (6/2/11).






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